Hire newcomers for Canada jobs

Are you an employer or business owner looking to hire a newcomer or a temporary foreign worker?  

Federal government of Canada has a Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to help the employers to hire for specific positions from outside Canada and bring them to Canada. Employers facing shortage of skills and labour can make use of this program. This program allows employers and business owners or non-profit organizations to hire workers from outside Canada if permanent residents or Canadian citizens are not available. Through this program a foreign worker is allowed to work in Canada for a maximum period of 2 years in some certain cases 3 years.

This stream is divided into 2, workers for low wage positions and workers for high wage positions depending on the job positions. A position is determined as low wage or high wage position according the median wage in that province or territory. If the wage the employer is offering is higher than the median wage existing in that province, then it’s considered as a high wage positions, else it’s a low wage position.

Hire temporary foreign worker for low wage positions

Certain jobs come under the category of low wage jobs according to Government of Canada guidelines. Every employer hiring for low wage positions in Canada must adhere to these strict guidelines. Even though these are low wage positions, the wages paid to the newcomers or the foreign workers must be equivalent to what paid to the Canadian Permanent Residents and citizens. You can see more details about this stream in the Government of Canada website here.

Hire temporary foreign worker for high wage positions

This stream is now called as Global Talent Stream and it includes high wage stream, agricultural stream and the applications to support permanent residency. Often employers are allowed to request for an approval for up to 3 years for high wage positions. Visit the Government of Canada website to see more details about this stream.

Apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment

For both these streams above, employers must apply for a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) first. LMIA applications from the employers must include the proof of job advertisement, sincere efforts from the employer to hire Canadian permanent residents and citizens, the job details, company details etc.

At the time of writing this blog, employers can apply for LMIA through both online and paper applications, however, from April 2023, only online applications will be allowed for LMIA.

We can Help!

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