LMIA Advertisement Requirements

For jobs that require LMIA, every employer must take all the efforts to recruit a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen for the job before applying for LMIA. A Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) can be recruited only after receiving a positive LMIA approval.

Minimum LMIA recruitment requirements

At least 3 different kinds of recruitment activities must be conducted by the employer before applying for LMIA

  1. Job Bank: This is a website run by Government of Canada for the purpose of helping the employers and jobseekers. Every employer must advertise in Job Bank for the specific job position the company is hiring.
  2. Employer or business owner also must advertise in 2 additional platforms. These can include online websites, newspapers or other print media, radio advertisements, advertising in local community boards etc. At least of these must be of national scope that enables the Canadian and Permanent Resident jobseekers from any place in Canada to search work locations in Canada and apply for the job from a single site rather than going to regional websites.

Job Match Service

This is a service provided by the Government of Canada which allows the employers recruiting TFWP to search and find job seekers. The job match service will automatically match the anonymous profiles of the job seekers with the skills and requirements that are mentioned in the job position of the employer and gives a star rating according to the level of match. Jobseeker with more stars matches to more skills and those who have less stars matches to less number of skills. Every employer must use job match service for advertising in job bank for a specific position.

LMIA Job Advertisement Method

Below are some of the job advertisement methods for LMIA

  • Employment or recruitment websites
  • Classified websites
  • Websites intended for specific professional fields such as education, biotechnology, accounting, marketing etc.
  • Newspapers or newsletters
  • Stores, religious places, community notice boards etc.
  • Employment recruitment agencies
  • Print publications such as magazines and journals.
  • Job recruitment fairs participations
  • Schools, colleges or training institutes
  • Intercompany recruitments
  • advertising in professional associations

Other than the Job Bank, if the 2 other means of advertisement for LMIA are also online, they should be intended for different audience such as newcomers looking for job, vulnerable youth looking for jobs, or indigenous jobseekers etc.

Proof of Advertisement for LMIA Application

Every employer must advertise the job position for at least 4 consecutive weeks within the last 90 days before applying LMIA. In this at least 1 of the advertisement must be active and on-going until a decision is taken on the LMIA application.

All the documents showing the advertisements and the efforts taken by the employer to recruit Canadian and permanent resident job seekers must be retained at least for 6 years.

Employers must include these documents in the LMIA applications.

  • A copy of the advertisement that shows the job location, date of advertisement, job description and the duration the advertisement was active.
  • A copy of the proof that the advertisement published in newspapers and other print media target the intended audience with right skills, education or experience needed for the job.
  • Proof for other recruitment activities.


The recruitment specialists in newcomersjobsincanada.ca have well knowledge and experience in the LMIA process. All our job advertisements meets the strict advertisement criteria for the LMIA application and the proof we provide about the job advertisements has all the details to meet the LMIA requirements.

Certain job positions in some provinces and territories have different requirements for LMIA applications. Feel free to contact us to know more about these and we will guide you in the advertisement process.