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Newcomers Jobs In Canada

What is Newcomers Jobs In Canada

Newcomers jobs in Canada is a Canadian employers oriented job advertisement platform that primarily focuses on newcomers community in Canada. We know, there are numerous job portals out there and they all are great in their own words. But unlike them, we literally speak to the Canadian business owners, employers, attend workshops, and walk the extra mile to build the relationship with our customers. NewcomersjobsInCanada is not just a job advertisement website to post jobs and forget. We fill the job vacancies in Canada with the best candidates from the Newcomers market in Canada.

We value the relationship with the employers in Canada and help them to find the right candidate for their position.

Our Goals

Why Newcomers Jobs In Canada?

There are a lot of job portals out there that charge the employers and business owners with a lot of money just to post a job advertisement. Still, almost all the businesses have a ‘Help Wanted’ or ‘Now Hiring’ board on their front door. Many businesses are shutting down or reducing their line of business due to the shortage of workers. Even hospitals are closing down their wards due to lack of staff. Why?

There are more than a million people looking for a job in Canada and much more people looking for a second job or more hours at work to make an affordable living. If you consider the number of people looking for part-time jobs, volunteer jobs, co-op jobs, intern jobs, apprentice jobs, student jobs, retired seniors looking for job etc, the numbers are huge in the Canadian job market.  As the numbers increase the gap between the vacant job positions and the number of people looking for jobs in Canada also increase. Almost all skilled newcomers in Canada struggle a lot to get their first job even though there are millions of job openings out there. So what are all these job advertisement websites, job recruitment agencies and government employment services doing? Are they working efficiently?

Well, we are sure that they are doing their best, but they are not able to produce the outcome or fill the gap between the open positions and employees looking for a job. That’s exactly the reason why NewcomersjobsInCanada, job advertisement website, exist.  We are filling this gap more rapidly than others. Our policy is ‘Employment First’. Skilled migrants who recently arrived in Canada can rely on us to find a job that match their skill set and experience.

Do the work that gives you more freedom, fame, reputation, improves your lifestyle and what makes a positive change in the society.

What if we don’t get employees from Canada

We never stop here. Newcomers jobs in Canada will reach out to jobseekers from outside Canada, match their skills and help the employers in Canada to bring the successful candidate to Canada.

Our job advertisements strictly follow the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) job advertisement guidelines. LMIA requires the business owners or employers in Canada to post the job in a platform that focuses primarily on newcomers in Canada for at least 4 weeks.

We fulfill this LMIA job advertisement requirement so that employers can hire suitable candidates from outside Canada too. Employers can rely on us and post a job for LMIA requirements and show this as a proof of advertisement for LMIA application. We always have a high rate of LMIA approvals.